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A to Z Challenge: Z is for Zealous April 30, 2016

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The definition of Zealous is full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.

I think I fit that in accomplishing this A to Z challenge. I was way behind in this challenge. My blog was removed from the list.

In spite of everything that kept throwing a wrench in my way of making posts, I caught up and finished this challenge… and on time.



A to Z challenge: G is for Grampus April 8, 2016

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A grampus also known as Risso’s dolphin, is grey in color with a white under belly and white scratch-like markings.   The head is bulbous with a blunt nose. It has a tall curved dorsal fin almost like a shark fin. It is a cetacean of the dolphin family which means it is a carnivorous, aquatic, mammal, unable to survive on land.

The word itself means fat fish and has also been used as another word for orca.





A to Z Challenge: F is for Foumart or Fitch

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I love this challenge. I’m finding lots of words I had no clue about previously, like foumart, such a fun word don’t you think?

A foumart is a European  polecat also known as a fitch, kind of like a ferret or weasel. Hey new insult words, you’re such a foumart and don’t be a fitch.

These little animals give off an unpleasant scent much like minks or skunks.








Challenge A to Z: E is for Elinguate

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In my search for some interesting words for this challenge, I came across elinguate.

Elinguate is to cut out or remove the tongue.

A very fancy word for what I’m sure many people would like to happen to our politicians.




A to Z challenge: D is for Degu April 5, 2016

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In my quest for something interesting, I found this little critter called a Degu. It’s a caviomorph rodent. Kind of a cross between a chinchilla and a guinea pig. They have the ability to drop their tails like a lizard if it is grabbed, however they don’t grow back. So never grab one by the tail. Like any rodent they also bite.

They can not metabolize the simple sugars that are found in fruit nor can they tolerate the oils of nuts and seeds. Green leafy vegetables are what they like the best.

Degus are social animals and need companionship, so it’s best to have two, preferably two males or two females. These are very affectionate pets that can live to be almost nine years old.






A to Z Challenge: C is for Chamomile April 4, 2016

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Every time I have ever felt a little stressed or just wanted to unwind, I’ve reached for the chamomile tea. It’s been known for thousands of years as a traditional medicine to calm the stomach and ease anxiety…add a little honey to that and you have a yummy beverage as well.

Chamomile is a common name for several different daisy-like flowers, not all of them are used in making chamomile teas. When using chamomile, be aware that it can have some drug interactions and may cause allergic reactions in some because of allergies similar to ragweed.

Before making anything with chamomile, be informed, read about it.


chamomile flowers








A to Z Challenge: B is for Baby

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Well I’m getting off to a slow start because this little guy just came into the world this week. My new Grandbaby! If only everything could be this peaceful.




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