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My Favorite Holiday October 30, 2013

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It’s almost Halloween. When I was growing up, I use to love dressing up and going trick or treating. My favorite costume was dressing up as a witch or a gypsy. Back then my friends and I would go house to house. Our curfew was 9:00pm. Our neighborhood was a safe place to be out in the dark. Candy bars were big and people were generous. It didn’t take long to fill our bags with goodies.

Every year I take my children out for trick or treating. Some years I make their costumes, sometimes I buy them. This year one of my sons is reusing his costumes together (a vampire, spider-man, wizard) and my other son’s costume is from various cheap costume parts from the dollar store that he wanted (A vampire knight).

We don’t do the house to house anymore. People can’t afford the candy and being rural, the houses are way to far to walk for the few people that do give out candy.

Our town has a community building called the Aspire Center, were local businesses come out and pass candy out. It’s safe, not much walking and fun to see all the costumes.

Times have changed, but I still love Halloween. May yours be fun, safe and frightful.