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Celebrate the Small Things- July 19 July 19, 2013


So here it is another “Celebrate the Small Things”, not as easy as you think, especially if you find that you are repeating yourself. To me this means my dull everyday life is stable. So I celebrate a stable week. Nothing major or catastrophic happened. The garden is good, the children are good, I scraped by till payday, temporarily solve my internet problem (I would go batty without my internet), and the rain has been a blessing.

So what small things are you celebrating?

Happy Cat

vik - small things 2

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3 Responses to “Celebrate the Small Things- July 19”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I love the picture! So funny. Stability is a good think. I wouldn’t last long without internet either.

  2. vitlit Says:

    Stability is absolutely something to be grateful for. The day to day stability of life is a blessing indeed.

  3. chancelet Says:

    Nicely said and great picture. 🙂

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