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Express Yourself: July 8-12 July 11, 2013

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This week’s express yourself question asks… Whether watching a movie at the theater or at home, what’s your go to snack?


I have to say some of these questions are downright silly. 

I don’t go to many movies. I may see a movie every couple of months. If I can afford it, I will get popcorn. I just love popcorn.


If I can’t I will bring with me a box of some kind of sour candy like sweet tarts.


Most movie places don’t allow you to bring in food. Always being short of cash, I realize this is how movie theaters make their money. Have you seen the price of theater snacks lately?

I do usually buy a small coke. 


At home I don’t watch movies and try to do as little snacking as possible. That being a whole other topic…

So what’s your go to snack when watching movies?

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One Response to “Express Yourself: July 8-12”

  1. chancelet Says:

    Popcorn and candy do make the movie. Guess they were looking to see if there were any weird tastes out there – you know like pickles and jam or something like that. 🙂

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