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Celebrate the Small things: June 28 June 28, 2013

I went to the grocery store yesterday and brought my youngest son with me. He rarely gets to go anywhere. “Yeah an adventure” he says. Oh yes an adventure…

The grocery store went well…

It seems that every time my husband goes out of town and I run into town for whatever, something goes wrong with my vehicle.  So I am celebrating the kind young man who stopped and helped me at the grocery store yesterday get my truck running so I could get home. It was hot and my son was very patient and behaving well (always a blessing). I’m also celebrating that it was an easy fix and I did not have to buy any parts.

So what are you celebrating?

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4 Responses to “Celebrate the Small things: June 28”

  1. Beverly Fox Says:

    Yay for roadside angels- I’ve ben rescued a few times myself!

    • Jai Says:

      Cranky vehicles are the worst!! I’m so glad that there was someone there to help you. AND YaY for a patient child – you don’t see that often. 😉

  2. All in all the best news was a well behaved son, a kind young man, and no money spent for parts, sounds good.

  3. vitlit Says:

    Aw celebrating the kind young man indeed! Glad you got home okay.

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