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Day 25: Someone Told Me May 25, 2013

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Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

When I was in high school, I had an art teacher tell me that I had no artistic talent what so ever and that she wouldn’t waste her time on me. Her words were piercing and unkind. I dumped her class.

I often wonder what I could have accomplished if I had just stuck it out because I love art. 

I think that because of her, I always second guess myself in everything I make including my jewelry.

My children all are very artistic in their own way and I’ve always have encouraged them in what they make and encourage them to improve. Something that teacher never did for me.



5 Responses to “Day 25: Someone Told Me”

  1. shannon Says:

    Wow what a horrible teacher! Teachers are meant to inspire and help people learn, that is really sad! I feel everyone has some sort of artistic talent, I hope you didn’t give up because of that =)

  2. When I was in seventh grade we all had to write a story for a contest. I wrote an adventure about a man finding a mountain with treasure inside that could only be opened by moving certain stones on its face. My teacher said the idea was ‘ridiculous’ and made no sense. Imagine my surprise 20-some years later when I went to see ‘Indiana Jones’. Ridiculous! Right? Some teachers are in the wrong profession!

    • Sandy Says:

      Some teachers aren’t very inspiring. Were you wanting to make art your profession and she didn’t think you could do that? I’ve heard music/drama teachers tell students that before. And for some it’s hard reality so they don’t think they’re more talented then are, change majors etc in order to get jobs? I’m sorry though this happened to you.

  3. That’s terrible!

    I once had a driving instructor tell me that I wasn’t a natural driver. I was anxious to begin with and that certainly didn’t help anything! To this day, I’m a nervous driver.

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