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Day 22, Rant May 22, 2013

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)


I could rant about so many things, never having enough money, my house never staying clean, never having enough staff on some work days, stupid politicians making stupid decisions; the list could go on and on.

With the recent tornado that went through Oklahoma, I think I’ll just count my blessings instead…


4 Responses to “Day 22, Rant”

  1. Janice Heck Says:

    You are right, Sock Zone. Lots of other things are petty in comparison to the suffering and devastation in Oklahoma. So sad to hear about those children.

  2. Janice Heck Says:

    Yes, I agree. It’s so sad to read and hear about those families who have lost everything. And those poor children in the elementary school. They must have been scared witless. So sad to hear that some of them didn’t make it.

  3. bronbloxham Says:

    Agreed… sometimes you have to count your blessings. Still it is OK to rant occasionally, better out than in. 🙂

  4. Jai Says:

    I try to fathom losing every thing and I can’t wrap my mind around it.
    Count blessings when we can. Rant when we must.

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