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A to Z Challenge: W is for Wire Wrapped Jewelry April 26, 2013

Today is day 23 of the a to z challenge only 3 more days to go. W is for wire wrapped jewelry.  

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for making jewelry by hand. In wire wrapping, jewelry is made using jewelry wire and findings similar to wire (like head-pins) to make components. Wire components are then connected to one another using mechanical techniques with no soldering or heating of the wire. A wire is bent into a loop or other shape and then the wire is wrapped around itself to finish the wire component making that loop or shape permanent. Because of this technique for wrapping wire around itself this craft is called wire wrapping.

 Examples of wire and beaded jewelry made using wire wrapping techniques date back to thousands of years BC. The British Museum has samples of jewelry from the Sumerian Dynasty, found in the cemetery of Ur that contained spiraled wire components. This jewelry is dated at approximately 2000 BC.

photo from British Museum

photo from British Museum

Other samples of jewelry from Ancient Rome show wire wrapped loops (one of the important techniques in making wire wrapped jewelry). This Roman jewelry is dated to approximately 2000 years ago. In the manufacture of this early jewelry the techniques for soldering did not exist.

photo from British museum

photo from British museum

Later, as the technique for soldering developed, the wire wrapping approach continued because it was an economical and quick way to make jewelry components out of wire.

 One of the best wire wrapping artists that I have found is Nichol Hanna. Her jewelry is just amazing. She is a true artist in every sense of the word. You can find her jewelry here at:

photo by Nicole Hanna

photo by Nicole Hanna

Some day I hope to be able to make jewelry like this. She has many tutorials on sale also for those who would like to learn how to make some of her gorgeous jewelry. For now I will just have to admire her jewelry because I’m just not at this level. Who knows someday I might get this good.


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  1. Sania Says:

    I love the last picture. I wish I could make jewellery like that.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

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