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A to Z Challenge: V is for Vacation April 25, 2013

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V is for Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation, time away from the stresses of life. Whether it’s an elaborately planned vacation to an exotic paradise or a camping trip to your favorite fishing hole, everyone needs a break.

Most of my vacations are staycations, I never leave home and that’s okay too.  Just a change of routine for a week is sometimes the best vacation.

I haven’t had a real vacation in over a decade, but I promised myself that I would go on a cruise in a couple of years while I was still young enough to enjoy it. It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do.

Despite the recent problems with a couple of cruises, I still plan on going. I’m not sure who I will be going with since it doesn’t appeal to my husband in the slightest. I figure that by 2015 I can save up enough to go.  As far as which cruise line I will use, I will wait and decide much closer to the time I want to go.

How about you? What’s your dream vacation?




3 Responses to “A to Z Challenge: V is for Vacation”

  1. Beth Lapin Says:

    Every year, I travel with two friends to a new place. This year was Stockholm/Sweden (you can see my travelogues at I love learning about new places/foods/ideas.

    • Jai Says:

      I just requested my vacation this morning. It will just be a staycation but I wanted some time away from work.

      My brother and his wife loved going on cruises.

      I’ve been to lots of places but I think Hawaii was my favorite.

  2. minalobo Says:

    I’d love to be in Scotland right now.

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