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A to Z Challenge: S is for Solar Energy April 22, 2013

S is for solar energy. Today is day 19 of the A to Z challenge. Today is also Earth Day.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy. Countries all over the world are stepping up and leading the way producing their own power. Only the US has refused to look into solar as an alternative to the dwindling supply of fossil fuels. Large companies are paying off our congress to deregulate environmental restrictions. With the recent failures of piping oil from the tar sand pits of Canada, just when are we going to wake up?


We need to invest in the future and we need to do it today, not after there is no environment left. Pipe lines are ruining our environments, our wildlife, and our drinking water. What happens when it’s too late to save ourselves, because our food can’t be eaten, we have nothing to drink, there are no trees to make oxygen and there are no animals left?

Solar energy and other renewable forms of energy need to be used. As one of the greatest nations on the planet, we should be setting examples, not turning up our noses.




5 Responses to “A to Z Challenge: S is for Solar Energy”

  1. Morgan Katz Says:

    Happy Earth Day! Perfect post for today. my blog:

  2. Wholeheartedly agree! More future thinking and less money thinking!! well done!

  3. I wish solar paneling was a little more affordable, because I would love to have that as a power source.

  4. It’s terrifying to think of what shape the planet’s going to be in before governments start taking this seriously. Great timing on this post.

  5. I think Solar Energy is important for all for there live and power. You can not denied it.
    Solar Energy. is god gifted power that you used your home and office.

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