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A to Z Challenge: M is for Mosquito April 15, 2013

Day 13 of the A to Z challenge and half way finished. M is for Mosquitoes,

Heading for Florida this summer? You might want to pack some industrial strength bug spray for some industrial size mosquitoes.

Known as the gallinipper, this little bloodsucker is 20 times bigger than the average mosquito, about the size of a quarter. Its bite is very painful. The large biting mosquitoes are all females. The males, which are smaller than the females, typically only consume nectar from flowers.


Flooding in Florida last year is attracting more mosquitoes this year. With climate changes, mosquitoes this big will be more and more common.


8 Responses to “A to Z Challenge: M is for Mosquito”

  1. Hello! Ugh, mosquitoes love me and I hate them. It never fails: I get bit like crazy. When the mosquitoes are out, people stand next to me because they know that means they won’t get bit. Sure enough, they’ll get a bite, maybe two, and I’ll get a dozen. Not looking forward to that part about summer!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  2. DeenasDays Says:

    not a fan of bugs

  3. ladysknight Says:

    Your A to Z blog posts are delightful and informative
    / the elephant blog is a sad one
    I think I’ll keep out of Florida this year / those suckers can bite

    thanks so much for visiting us at <a href=";.Lady's Knight

  4. Liz Brownlee Says:

    Wow, Cynthia, that is one big mosquito! And hey, we have matching blogs, almost! I’m going to follow.

  5. Ugh. I grew up in Wisconsin and those little buggers were enough to make me crazy!

  6. debrabetz Says:

    that is one nuclear mosquito! I live in the North East & we have them, but not so huge!

    visiting from A~Z

  7. Janice Heck Says:

    Those little gallinippers have a lot of power. We had bragging rights on mosquitos in Alaska, and we sometimes joked about them being the state bird.

  8. Gemma Says:

    Oh my god! This makes me happy to still have snow in April!

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