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A to Z Challenge Day 8: H is for Headaches April 9, 2013

Today is day 8 of the A to Z challenge, and H is for Headaches. Who doesn’t get headaches? I for one, have had numerous headaches in my life time. Some were mildly annoying, and some I thought I was dying my head hurt so bad.

Ever thought of what may be triggering your headaches?
There are several triggers some of these definitely have set off my headaches.

The weather:
Weather changes can bring on a headache. Cold snaps, hot days, rain and barometric pressure can trigger them.

Foggy Morning

Your Boss:
Anything that raises your stress level, especially when it comes to work.

Strong smells:
Things like perfume, lotions, soap, hair sprays and certain flowers can trigger a headache.
Hair accessories:
Pulling your hair up into a ponytail when you are use to it being down, or parting it differently can trigger a headache.

Strenuous Exercise:
Too much of a good thing.
Hard Workout
This picture is a couple of years old but I love it. No strenuous work out here.

Poor Posture:
slouching, chair with no back support, looking at monitors placed too high or to low, cradling phones between your ear and shoulder, creates tension headaches.

Loud, continuous noises: especially high pitched frequencies.

Cheese: can trigger a migraine from a substance called tyramine. The more a cheese ages the more it contains.


Red wine: it also has tyramine as does some other alcoholic drinks.

glass of wine

Cold cuts: contains tyramine and nitrates that can trigger a head ache.

Hunger headaches: comes from a drop in blood sugar and also just from not eating.

Smoking and second hand smoke: contains nicotine which cause blood vessels in the brain to narrow.


High salt content: can cause a rise in blood pressure which can trigger a headache.

Caffeine withdrawal: can trigger a headaches, that’s why I love my coffee, it keeps those headaches down.


Any headache that you just can’t get rid of, consult your doctor.


8 Responses to “A to Z Challenge Day 8: H is for Headaches”

  1. bronbloxham Says:

    Great image at the top of the post. I tend to get my headaches from tension in my neck and shoulders. Interesting about the cheese and cold cuts…. I had no idea!

  2. Stupid headaches make me want to rip my head right off my shoulders. Ugh.

    Happy A through Z posting.

  3. Back when I was hit with multiple migraines a month, coffee was my savior. If I downed a cup right at the start of a migraine, it would calm down to a more manageable level. 🙂

  4. Love your “H” word. I have had h/a that have been triggered by just about all of the above at one time or another. Great post!

  5. Cheryl Says:

    I find it a headache trying to come up with posts every day for the A to Z challenge. LOL. Actually I rarely get headaches, but when I do, they are annoying.

  6. Gator Woman Says:

    Another common food additive that does it for us is Carrageenan. It is used as a cheap thickener/filler. Many ice creams and dairy products have it. It gives us both nasty headaches and stomach pains. Have recently done a posting about it that may interest you~

  7. Thanks for publicing this awesome information. Keep up the good work. I’ll subscribe to your website also. thanks!

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