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Correct Change? April 4, 2013

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      I went to the gas station yesterday, not at all an exciting event considering the prices. I went a couple of pennies over my fifteen dollar limit. I dug out a quarter from the bottom of my handbag and went into the store to pay. No big deal right? 

     Well I hand the girl behind the register $15.25. She gave me back three cents. I looked at her and said “that’s not right”, she took back the three cents and handed me back thirty one cents. At this point I should have just left because I gained money, but I’m an honest person and her lack at simple math skills was irritating me. “No that still not right you gave me back too much, I gave you a quarter, you own me twenty three cents”. The girl gave me my change and I left.

     I’m sure I embarrassed the girl but what if I had given her a twenty dollar bill? The lack of simple math skills these days is why I always count my money. Always count your money.



3 Responses to “Correct Change?”

  1. More and more I’m finding cashiers can’t count change. That’s a little scary, isn’t it?? :-O

  2. Beth Lapin Says:

    That kind of thing happens more and more…if the cash register doesn’t give a total for change, people often have trouble figuring it out….

  3. It’s sad. I’m astounded by how often it happens–that a young cashier has no idea how to count change.

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