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A to Z challenge: D is for Drawing April 4, 2013

Today is day 4 of the A to Z challenge. D is for Drawing.

My son Bryar loves to draw. Every year for Christmas, since he could hold a pencil, he has been given art supplies. He is only twelve but I see great potential in his drawings. He loves to show off his pictures every chance he gets. 


He loves to draw Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon and game characters like Sonic. He does pretty good with cartoon characters like Garfield too.

drawing1 drawing2 drawing3

He spends a lot of time on minecraft and has made some amazing 3D pictures out of the colored blocks.

minecraft blocks megaman

Link-minecraft blocks

3D Luigi-minecraft blocks

I love his drawings and his patience, the 3D Luigi took him a week to create.

My hope for him is that someday he will do great things with his talent.



5 Responses to “A to Z challenge: D is for Drawing”

  1. Beth Lapin Says:

    He’s published now!

  2. Awesome! It is really wonderful when a child has a great hobby that he can excel in. Good work indeed by your son.

  3. What a talented artist! 🙂

  4. Your son is quite the talented artist. My best friend’s daughter is the same and is lucky enough to attend a junior high for the arts.

  5. Joe Owens Says:

    This is such a great talent that I wish I had. Encourage him to stick with it and he can certainly do some great things with such a gift.

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