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A to Z Challenge: C is for Cats April 3, 2013

A to Z challenge day 3 is C. C is for cat.

Growing up we always had dogs. My dad never let us have a cat because he and my sister were allergic to them. My first dog came to me on my 6th birthday and was with me until I turned 18 and left home. She passed away shortly after. She was dearly loved an never could be replaced with any dog, although I have had several through the years, she was one of a kind.

So after joining the military and heading overseas to Okinawa, I got my first cat. We called him Jack. 

Okinawa 1981

Now for some reason Japanese cats seem to have bent tails. I’m not sure if it was a genetic thing or what. He never was a very personable cat to anyone but me. He lived with me for about three years and even came back to the states with me. He freaked out shortly after, got out of the house and never came back. I’m sure Hampton, Virginia has some bent tail cats even now.

Twenty five years later, I still have cats and a lot of them, about 20 of them, all sizes,colors, and personalities. Some are ours, some are the neighbors, and some were strays that have claimed us. Most stay outdoors and live in the barn or our out buildings Four of them are spoiled and have house privileges.

013 010 014 100_1513 Falcons nooby photos 045 Falcons nooby photos 029 Falcons nooby photos 008

Our alpha cat is Kupo, Although he is very old. He still rules.

Falcons nooby photos 028


I still have my dogs but my cats are very special to me.


5 Responses to “A to Z Challenge: C is for Cats”

  1. Beth Lapin Says:

    Cats! I always wanted a dog, loved them as a kid, but landlords and time restraints led me to cats. And I can’t seem to stop loving them! Thanks.

  2. I grew up mostly with dogs, though we did have a few cats here and there. I’m glad we had a mix of pets.

    My ‘C’ post is a picture of a Cat, so we were thinking alike. 🙂

    Nice to meet you through the A to Z!

  3. We’ve always had dogs, but I have wanted cats. Maybe when my dog d-i-e-s I’ll get a cat.

  4. I have two cats and I can’t imagine my life without them. They fill my home with so much joy. 🙂

  5. I have a beautiful white cat with one blue eye and one green. We’ve had him for 13 years now, and I love him very much, even though I’ve always been a dog person. He was given to us on Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t resist his white rabbit fur and beautiful eyes. I never regretted the day we took him in.
    I’m a fellow A to Z Challenger stopping by to say “Hi”. Great post.
    Kathy (794 on the list)

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