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A to Z challenge: B is for Beads April 2, 2013

     Today is day 2 of the A to Z challenge, and my letter is B for beads. Yes beads. My passion for the lovely little creations probably took off into an obsession around 2003. I own thousands of beads and would love to have more if I could afford them.

     Beads have been around for a long time with the discovery of 41 Nassarius shell beads found in the South African Blombos cave that can be dated to 72,000 years ago.

Shell bead

     There have also been 13 shells coated in red clay found in the Grotte des Pigeons at Taforalt in eastern Morocco dating back some 82,000 years.  Humans have had a love for adornments for thousands of years.

     To me it doesn’t matter what they are made of, the more sparkle and shininess  to it the better. Other-words the more bling the better. Beads can be made out of just about any kind a material. Stone, glass, metals, gemstones, ceramics, clay, wood, crystal, nuts, plastic, resins, seeds, nuts, coral, shell, paper, felt or bone. I’m sure I probably left some materials off the list.

      They can be made into a variety of shapes such as hearts, cubes, lentils, stars, round, triangle, cylinder, square, ovals, animals, flowers or other shapes. Some materials are easier to make into shapes then others. Stone, coral, bone, shell and nuts are usually carved. Gemstones are usually cut and polished. Other materials like glass, plastics, resins, clays and metals can be pressed or molded. Some, like nuts and seeds, already have their shape.

mixed beads
      The selection of beads are in the hundreds of thousands to choose from. From an avid beader as myself, going to a bead store is like a kid in the candy shop. There is no such thing as having too many beads……..time to go make some jewelry.



5 Responses to “A to Z challenge: B is for Beads”

  1. I love a good bead. My craft closet has several shelves dedicated to all things bead related! Thanks for sharing some history and creative love! 🙂

  2. Cant say I’m a bead fan, I did have a necklace years ago with my name on it. Why? I’ve no idea, its not like I was going to foget it now was it, lol. Keep it up =)

  3. Melissa Lai Says:

    I used to hoard beads too! I now hoard fabric 😛 Oh, the love for crafts!

  4. Sherry Ellis Says:

    I used to love beads when I was a kid. I still have a few special ones. Enjoyed this post!

  5. Cheryl Says:

    I love beads! I make jewellery, but I’ve got so many beads I bought because they were pretty and now I don’t know what to do with them.

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