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A to Z challenge: A is for Alpaca April 1, 2013

Here it is April 1 and the start of the A to Z  April Blogging Challenge. For day 1, I chose A for alpacas. Why alpacas? Well because I own some, two to be exact, by the names Roscoe and Reeco.

Reeco is the baby. He’s 15 months old now and kind of an oak brown color.
He came to live with us about 3 months before Rosco with a female alpaca named Jewel.
She was a much friendlier alpaca then the others, but sadly she did not survive the Kentucky wet winter we had this year as did two others.

Rosco is a dark chocolate-brown about 3 or 4 years old and a very obstinate alpaca, who does not like his picture taken.
Anybody who has been around alpacas, knows of their uncanny accuracy of spitting a wad when they’re pissed. Mostly at other alpacas but they will spit at humans. Not pretty!

      I must say, trying to raise alpacas has not been easy. We tried several years ago, but did not have any success.

We seem to attract the misfits. Rosco, Reeco and the others came to us through a trade. The lady who had them was tired of raising them so we swapped them for some sheep. They have been quite content since they came to live with us and seem to be holding up to the weather so far. They love to roam around the fields and my yard since they now , have free range of the place. Reeco is a determined little fellow, who spends much of his day following Rosco.
We had originally intended on trying to raise alpacas for their fleece. It’s much more desirable than wool. It’s warmer, softer and doesn’t have the lanolin that sheep’s wool has, but like I said early Kentucky just isn’t the right weather for them, alpacas like it warm. So Rosco and Reeco will have to be content with each others company and the goat and the bull and the sheep and the dogs and the cats……………. not much time for being alone. Need I say more?



16 Responses to “A to Z challenge: A is for Alpaca”

  1. Ermie Says:

    Love that last pic of Rosco. Wouldn’t want to mess with him though – not with the wad spitting and all.
    Great post! 🙂

  2. Alpacas are such fun and they are super cute! I’m sorry that some of them didn’t make it through the winter :*(

    Here’s my A to Z post:

  3. Susan Kane Says:

    Your comment spot was hard to find!
    Alpacas are such soft stubborn creatures.

  4. Awww, what cuties! 🙂

  5. lauraclipson Says:

    Aww they’re adorable 🙂 I like that you attract the misfits!

  6. lynn w. proctor Says:

    such beautiful creatures!!!

  7. Pat Hatt Says:

    Sure wear a shield the next time I am near, a spit wad would sure cause fear haha

  8. Rosco doesn’t look best pleased in that photo! Sad to hear Jewel didn’t make it 😦

    But at least Reeco and Rosco are buddies and are enjoying Kentucky!

  9. Guilie Says:

    Aw, they look so sweet! Hard to believe a face like that could spit a “wad”–eeww, hahaha. So sorry some of them didn’t make it 😦 Thanks for your earlier visit to my blog, and look forward to keeping in touch during (and beyond) April!

  10. Sad about Jewel. The boys are cute, though. My grandma lived in the mountains of Oregon, and there were a bunch of alpaca farms there, so we’d go visit those. And llamas. I don’t know the difference, but I think it was more llamas back in the day. Good luck with the fella’s!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  11. Hunter Says:

    I love alpacas, and would keep some if I lived in the country. Lovely to find this first post from you.

  12. KC Says:

    They’re so cute! But the spitting thing is nasty. Blech.

    KC @ The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit & Oh Frog It

  13. natalie Says:

    I think alpacas are easier to raise than llamas. Wish I could have one or two where we live, although I think that there are quite a few alpaca farms here in Colorado.

  14. A J Says:

    Interesting post about alpacas. I often confuse them with llamas though 😉 I’d love to keep them but Malaysia (where I’m from) would be too hot for alpacas I think.
    Amelia (

  15. I’m pretty sure Alpacas are from the high Andes, and I find it hard to believe the temperature is causing them that much trouble. The humidity might very well, though.

  16. Beth Lapin Says:

    Animals provide so much pleasure!

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