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A to Z Challenge Update March 14, 2013

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      Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you’re ready to choke on it, but you’re excited about it at the same time? I’ve got that feeling.  No, I think I’m petrified.


      Why? you may ask? Well I’ve entered a writing challenge and to be quite frank, I suck at writing. So why did I decide to do this? Well I’m hoping after a month-long challenge I might learn a thing or two about writing, especially blogging.

      At this time over a 1000 participants are signed up for this challenge and more are being added each day . Some are professionals and some like me, are hoping for a clue.

     The challenge begins April 1, hopefully I won’t put anyone to sleep…….

     Want to join the A to Z Challenge?  Sign ups are still going on here


 Picture by my son Bryar

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  1. Hello. Just thought I’d stop by to give you a wave *wave* and wish you luck with this challenge. I think you’ll get a lot of support from the other people doing this, so don’t worry about it. This is my first year, and I’ve planned out most of my posts so that I don’t panic on the day!

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