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Out of Slumber……… March 4, 2013

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     It’s been years since I’ve dusted off this blog. The cobwebs are thick and sagging and it’s time get creative again. I have been posting regularly to my jewelry blog Created Treasures so I have remained active in the blogging world.

     I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately and as much as I love reading my facebook, it has begun to bore me. I have actually started reading books again……It hasn’t been my favorite pastime, but I have been enjoying it. Crawling under my electric blanket and winding down with a book, has been the perfect destressor.  For me, this is amazing. I must own a few thousand books and have probably only read about 20 of them, I kid you not. My husband has always been the reader in the family and I am lucky if I can read a magazine article without falling asleep.

     I came across a blog with a challenge, a blogging from A to Z challenge. Not that I am very good with writing, but surely I can come up with something.

     Anyone else up for a challenge? It begins April 1 and lasts through the whole month minus all Sundays.  Signups are here.