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It’s a what? May 7, 2007

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The other day I dug deep into the back of my closet.  I dragged out something I hadn’t used in ten years, but today I needed it.  Searching through dusty piled up boxes, I was sure I still had one.

My six year old’s curiosity peaked as he stuck his head in my way.  I finally found it dusty , but in good shape. I don’t think I had used it more than a half dozen times.  As I went and set it up, I could see my son’s eyes light up with questions. iron

I told him not to touch it because it was hot. Finally the question I knew he had, blurted out. “Mom, what is that? I’ve never seen one before.”  I had to laugh as I explained to him what it was and why I was using it. He had never seen an iron and an ironing board before and I hope he doesn’t expect to see one often. Isn’t that what wrinkle free clothes are for? 


One Response to “It’s a what?”

  1. Joey Says:

    hahahahah, thats funny.

    I just bought my first iron last year, after being married and off on my own for 5 years I figured it was time.

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